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Our Therapeutic Retreats marks the beginning of your profound transformation from unconscious to conscious by combining the principles of psychology, breathwork, meditation, and other CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) modalities.


We take a holistic approach to overall health and are guided in our work by the principles of healthy living. Our central focus is human beings as a complex entity combining body, mind and soul – instead of combating symptoms, we seek out causes. We have therefore combined the scientific diagnostic methods and therapies of conventional mental health treatment with the evidence and experience-based methods of complementary medicine.

Our Therapeutic Retreats are designed to quiet the mind with calming, restorative methods and nutrition. They are the perfect setting to begin and continue the process of healing. Our retreats offer unique and varied activities with treatment options that will help you focus on yourself and your needs. Each of our therapeutic retreats includes health-focused meals and add-on private services like bodywork, sound healing, and Reiki treatments available for each retreat guest.

What is wellness travel?

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after a vacation? That may not be the case with wellness travel. Whereas traditional vacations are often busy and stressful, wellness travel aims to relieve stress and promote health, so you can reenter everyday life feeling rejuvenated and grounded. Wellness travel with PHH provides an opportunity for people to take a break from their lives and focus solely on themselves and their well-being, which can allow folks to de-stress and relax without any, or few, distractions.

Being in an environment where you don’t have to make everyday decisions may allow you to experiment with new behaviors or focus on cultivating ones you’ve neglected. This can help you create healthy habits, like sleeping better, eating well, and exercising daily, that you want to follow once you return home. A small observational study out of Australia, published in the February 2017 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found weeklong wellness retreat experiences may lead to substantial improvements in multiple dimensions of health and well-being, maintainable for six weeks after the fact.


You can expect to be surrounded with kindness, care, and support. Our retreats offer a unique chance to unwind, release stress, and work through those mental health challenges at a slower pace located in serene settings. Therapeutic retreats provide a mix of cognitive behavior therapy and evidence-based holistic treatments to address all aspects of a person. PHH therapeutic retreats will involve nervous system regulating activities, groups, individual counseling sessions, and nutritious food. You'll be imbued with a sense of quiet solace in a safe space to work through your struggles and get into a peaceful state of mind as you allow yourself to address and examine any sources of pain.

Our retreats are designed to support up to 12 guests allowing for a more personalized experience. This high level of personal care provides enhanced engagement to address each retreat guests' unique needs helping you to cultivate better relationships, better manage your emotions, and improve your overall wellness.

For someone seeking to become emotionally healthier, the sole purpose of spending time at a retreat is to restore mental health. Some people, though, may have other goals. Their purpose might be to gain new insights about themselves. Others may be looking to escape the demands of daily life for a few days. Our retreats do not define your purpose; you decide what you wish to gain by going there.

Mental health and wellness shouldn't be a wealth issue!

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