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Project Healing Hive's

Bringing together professionals in Chester County who practice in the area of mental health, healthcare, and holistic wellness to focus on their own mental health and wellness support.


Assembly Mission

Our mission is to provide a space for mental health, healthcare, and wellness professionals to step outside of their professional roles and focus on their own self-care needs. While building a network of peer support and resources to better serve our communities.

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The MHWP Assembly provides networking opportunities between mental health, healthcare, and holistic wellness practitioners toward ensuring opportunities for best practices throughout the Chester County area.

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To ensure a strong and collaborative handoff, when necessary, between mental health and wellness practitioners for patients seeking support and guidance.

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Peer support is an essential part of self-care especially as a care provider. Connecting with like-minded peers, building support, and identifying our challenges, needs and goals as professionals.

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To facilitate the development and implementation of best practices towards our own self-care and how doing so will advance our ability to address the mental health needs of the Chester County area.



things to know


Relax & Unwind

This is you time to take off the caregiver hat, unplug from your to-do list and focus on recharging yourself. We encourage you to put your work emails on away mode and silence your phones while attending the assembly to create a space for yourself and others to be fully present. Does your employer have a mental health day policy? If so, the MHWP Assembly qualifies as a mental health day. We can provider your employer with a letter excusing you for the day of the assembly. If your employer does NOT have a mental health day policy and you'd like support introducing the idea to your employer, email us at and we'll help advocate for you and your co-workers. Check out some information on the importance of mental health days in the workplace here.


Dress Comfortably

Leave the work attire at home and dress as comfortable as you need to feel. Each quarterly assembly will involve special carved out time for some type of activity like Yoga, Qigong, hiking, art, movement, etc. so this is an essential need to know. 



We will be providing light breakfast refreshments, boxed lunches, and snacks will be made available throughout the day along with water, coffee, and tea.  Just make sure to RSVP and make your boxed lunch selection. Vegetarian and GF options available by our friends at Delaware Valley Veg.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

If you are in the fields of mental health, healthcare, wellness, and/or education and would like to speak at our next assembly, email and a team member will connect with you.

Mental health and wellness shouldn't be a wealth issue!

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