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The PHH Network

A message
from the founder


The demand for quality mental health care since the global Covid-19 pandemic has grown to an all-time high and is stretching the system beyond its limits. A shortage of practitioners, coupled with barriers to access such as cost, stigma, and socioeconomic inequities are leaving a lot of individuals and families without access to quality care. Research shows that although the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) spends a relatively high amount per capita (when compared with other states) on community-based programs, it also shows that our current model has made little impact in the accessibility and overall quality of care. The recent rise in incarceration rates and youth mental health demands will place an additional financial strain on the system. Our goal at Project Healing Hive is to create systemic change in how we treat mental, physical, and spiritual health by creating sustainable trauma-informed systems that provide access to community-based mental health resources that include holistic and complementary therapies. To accomplish this, we will need your help.

Establishing the PHH Network is a major step toward that goal. We intend to serve as a resource to our Network partners providing them with the tools needed to implement our shared vision of accessible and effective integrative care, bringing together traditional mental health therapies (i.e. talk therapy) with evidence-based, complementary and alternative therapies (i.e. body work, yoga/meditation, nature therapy, etc.). We will advocate on behalf of our Network partners on a local, state, and federal level to advocate for laws and policies that
achieve parity and accessibility for this model of care.


Project Healing Hive is looking to transform the mental health system in Pennsylvania and beyond through research, advocacy, and education. We are looking for accountable partners who are willing to help lead the way. Will you join us?

Kristen Morris-Yehiel, CPSC, ERYT

Founder of Project Healing Hive

What is The PHH Network?

The PHH Network is a free community-based referral system and resource center for mental health and wellness providers in the Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Members of The PHH Network support evidence-based holistic approaches to mental health and wellness. We believe that mental health and wellness should embody autonomy providing individuals and families accessibility and quality care that is typically not covered by traditional insurance plans or Medicaid/Medicare. Our network members believe that mental health and wellness should not be a wealth issue and work together to provide affordable care to those who need it most.


Learn how joining The PHH Network can benefit your practice or business.

Mental Health Providers

Many mental health providers are adding complimentary therapies to their service offering to clients. Integrative therapies like yoga, meditation, movement therapy, nature therapy, and expressive art. Research has shown that when added to therapeutic models like CBT, complementary therapies improve cognition, sleep, nutrition habits, and overall mood. If you're interested in adding complementary therapies to your therapy practice or agency, let Project Healing Hive get you there.


Want to hire your own staff? We can assist with the onboarding process using The PHH Network as a hiring resource. We also provide training for your counseling and office staff to prepare them with knowledge of trauma-informed complementary therapies so they can feel confident sharing information about these new offerings to clients. 


For clients with financial barriers, you can refer them to Project Healing Hive at our office located in downtown Phoenixville, PA. Here we offer yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness training, biofield therapies, craniosacral therapy, and peer support with special programs for individuals experiencing financial hardships. 

Wellness Providers

Mental health support has been an increasing need. Another need is for more trauma-informed practices when it comes to holistic based services. Are you looking to have your business and staff trained in trauma-sensitive practices and policies to be able to provide better quality of care and create more mental health outlets in your community? Project Healing Hive provides trainings for wellness centers, spas, yoga studios, and healing centers on trauma-informed practices and policies. In addition to trainings your business will become part of The PHH Network which opens the door to accessibility for clients looking to reach out for the support systems they need.

By offering community-based mental health resources you can ensure that your clients will be treated with the compassion and individuality they deserve. The PHH Network provides an array of mental health services from different local providers.

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The Network

Training and Resources

Project Healing Hive will provide training on-location, virtually, or at our facility in Phoenixville.  Training times will vary based on staff size and content needs and can be customized to meet your business or organization’s specific goals and objectives.

Mental Health Policy Updates

To ensure you and your staff remain current with changing legislation, regulations, and policies, we will keep you updated with all the latest mental health and wellness policy news and how it could impact your organization with our Newsletter.

New Client Referrals

When you join The PHH Network, you will have access to a trusted social enterprise of local practitioners and providers that will provide your clients and practice with an array of community-based mental health and wellness services.

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