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I’m Not Here to Be Liked

This title might sound a bit cold but hear me out. This statement is about truthfulness – more specifically it's about being honest with yourself and living an authentic life. A life where you can trust yourself.

Exploring what it means to be honest with yourself over being nice to please the masses can be asked in a few questions:

  • Do you typically say Yes to things when you really mean NO for the sake of people pleasing?

  • Do you make plans with someone or taking on another project when your schedule is already so packed?

  • Can you trust yourself?

  • Do you value yourself as a top priority?

  • Have you silenced your own truth so you can stay within the “groups” good graces?

After experiencing an abusive childhood, I lived most of my young adult life up until recently as a people pleaser. But as I look back, I was never being honest with myself about what I wanted or needed. These things were a foreign concept to me so I didn't even know what my wants or needs were.

Carl Jung asks, “What is so dangerous in the moment about the truth that you are choosing to lie”?

Living a life outside of being honest with yourself or not being your authentic self, creates fear within and causes us to lose that spark for life which creats a cycle of unhappiness, irritability and dis-ease. It can also create resentment towards those who are living a life of truth.

So, when I say that I am not here to be liked it simply means that I have made a commitment to love myself. With all my scars and stories I choose to live with truthfulness and integrity for my needs and healing. I no longer pour from my full cup, it's my cup! But I now have a saucer under my cup and when my cup is overflowing, then I will offer you the abundance from that. But if I have nothing in my cup and that saucer is empty - then I'm not available for you.

Satya or Truthfulness is the second of the Yamas - the ethical practice of Yoga. Part of the foundation from which the yogic principles are built. I invite you to explore this Yama and ask yourself some hard questions and answer yourself truthfully.

Is my “yes” coming from a dark corner or from the light in my heart?



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