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Project Healing Hive is a grassroots organization founded in 2019. Our mission is to improve access to evidence-based CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) for overall health and mental wellness through research and development, advocacy, and community service.

Our team is dedicated to developing innovative, accessible mental health and wellness solutions that empower individuals and communities. We are passionate about designing systems that are responsive to the real needs of people, and that reflect the diversity of human experience. We believe that creating spaces in which individuals can connect with each other, find support, and build community is an essential component of mental wellness.

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Research Initiatives

Our team researches and provides comprehensive information on the most effective complementary and alternative therapies for mental health and wellness. We identify gaps in the current system and work towards the inclusion of these therapies in the traditional mental health treatment process. 




 Using data from our research and development department, PHH advocates for the addition of select evidence-based CAM into the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) book.



 Whether it’s providing counseling, education or support, we are dedicated to helping individuals and communities in their journey towards healing and wellness. Our approach fosters resiliency, hope and empowerment for everyone we serve.

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