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The Link: Your Virtual Drop-In Mental Health Resource Center

Welcome to The Link, a free drop-in virtual mental health resource center dedicated to providing supportive care for individuals seeking mental wellness. At The Link, we understand the importance of accessible and confidential support, available without appointments or commitments. Our aim is to create a safe space where you can find resources, guidance, and community support whenever you need it.



4:30PM TO 8:30PM


  • Text "Link Info" to 610-708-1927 to start a text chat.

  • We do not provide crisis support. If you need immediate mental health assistance, please contact 988 or 911.


Immediate Support Services:

  • Access to trained mental health professionals through live chat, phone calls, or video sessions 

  • Instant connection to our community respite center to support a holistic approach to mental wellness.

Mobile Accessibility:

  • User-friendly mobile platforms for convenient access to all services on-the-go.

  • Notifications for upcoming workshops, group sessions, and new resources.

Accessibility and Privacy: The Link is committed to providing inclusive mental health support to all individuals. Our services are entirely free of charge, with no subscriptions or hidden fees. We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality, utilizing secure technology and strict confidentiality protocols to ensure a safe online environment that is HIPAA compliant.

Getting Started: There's no need to register or schedule your appointments—just drop in whenever you need support during drop-in hours. Whether you're new on your mental wellness journey or seeking ongoing mental health resources, The Link is here to help you navigate the road to mental wellness.

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the link

You can support our mission to provide community-based mental health and wellness programs at no cost. These resources and programs contribute to our collective and individual healing, while creating solutions that promote community mental health support. 

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