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Integrated Mental Health & Wellness Consulting

Project Healing Hive's team brings real-world experience and insight to a wide array of training and consulting services to make your organization more effective and efficient in providing sustainable integrated mental health and wellness services.   

We are the touchstone for resources, tools and support for mental health providers, safety-net provider organizations and local municipalities on community-based mental health and wellness care using a variety of models and approaches that integrate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). From the beginning stage of assessing organizational buy-in or ground up projects to developing long-term plans for financial sustainability, our integrated mental health and wellness team can help open the door to new and innovative possibilities.

Keynote Speaking

PHH Founder

Kristen Morris

Kristen is a mental health advocate and motivational speaker. She also holds credentials in peer support counseling and trauma-informed yoga therapy.  Her personal story of the loss of her child's father to suicide and her experience with childhood sexual abuse allows for a compelling speech that highlights the gaps in mental health care regarding CAM, how PHH is using science to create change in mental health treatment, and the stigmas surrounding CAM. Her first-hand experience with these difficult mental health challenges delivers a message of insight, hope, and determination. Through her inspiring story, she now speaks with a passion to share knowledge, pain, and wisdom to empower change in how we as people treat mental health.

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Work with us to create a customized approach to advance integrated mental health and wellness care. Whether you are just beginning to implement integrated mental health and wellness care or are part of an established integrated care continuum and want to hone your skills and optimize your organization, you’ll find what you need here.


Please contact us to learn more about pricing or to schedule a training.  


Integrated care encompasses a wide range of mental health and wellness care topics using evidenced-based practices (CAM). View the following topics for sample options of topics we provide in your customized consulting package.


  • Introduction to the Complementary Integrative Model plus Training for Clinical and Administrative Staff. 

  • Trauma-Informed and Resilience-Oriented Care Training 

  • Understanding the role of Healthcare Providers with Integrated Mental Health and Wellness 

Mental health and wellness shouldn't be a wealth issue!

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