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Studies show that Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) may help improve neuroplasticity and cognition and may decrease depression symptoms. By integrating CAM therapies into a standard model CBT plan, neuroplasticity may have the ability to improve cognition and reduce depression symptoms making the CBT treatment more effective. Neurofeedback (NFB) is a noninvasive treatment for mental health issues. NFB uses sensors and a Brain Computer Interface to measure brainwaves, allowing individuals to observe and modulate their own brain’s activity. A feedback and reward system helps patients achieve brain states associated with self-regulation, attention, focus, and other improvements relative to behavioral health conditions. NFB helps address patterns of dysregulation associated with irregular brainwave activity found in trauma.

Model (CIM) Research



Our mission is to improve mental health care by advancing an agenda for evidence-based uses of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) through research, education, direct service, and training to our communities in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and virtually worldwide.

Pilot Program

This Pilot Case Study will observe the effects of CBT integrated with CAM modalities (including Beehive Immersion Therapy (BIT), yoga, Qigong, craniosacral therapy, breathwork and word search puzzles) have on individuals with depression over a 12-week period.


Research Goals

Using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Neurofeedback (NFB), researchers will evaluate neuroplasticity, emotion regulation, mindfulness, and breath pattern awareness.

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