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Free afterschool social enrichment program for teens ages 14-17 living in the Phoenixville and surrounding areas.

About Our
bridge Program 

The Bridge Program is a social enrichment program for teens ages 14-17 living in the Phoenixville and surrounding areas. We work closely with teens ages 14-17 who struggle with behavioral and emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and loss. This program provides positive youth development using a community-based approach. Positive youth development is a holistic approach that focuses on creating a developmentally appropriate learning setting for young people. 

Positive youth development strategies focus on forging positive relationships; strengthening self-confidence, learning coping and communication skills; cultivating trustworthy, safe spaces; and offering youth opportunities to succeed in meaningful ways. By providing positive experiences, youth can build self-esteem, create a healthy identity, and a foundation to approach life’s hurdles in a solution-oriented way. Another defining characteristic of positive youth development is that youth will have the opportunities to engage with their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups and families in ways that are both constructive and productive.

Bridge Program facilitators are certified in youth mental health first aid and trained in trauma-informed practices and procedures. Our knowledgeable mentors are committed to the growth and development of our young people. Research confirms beneficial results from a quality enrichment program. They can have a powerful and positive effect on young people in a variety of ways. Mentoring, at its very core, shows young people that there is someone who cares enough about them to invest in their life. It gives youth the evidence that goes beyond mere words. They have someone that they can turn to for help with the day-to-day challenges and establish a bond that lets them know they matter.  

Program Highlights

  • Mentoring by PHH certified youth mental health first aiders & peer counselors

  • Trauma-informed program

  • Discussion groups and self-study workshops

  • Relationship & communication building

  • Mental health education (avoiding burnouts, bullying, substance abuse in teens)

  • College environment transition support (for seniors)

  • Resume building and interviewing skills

  • Integrating wellness activities including mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork, expressive art

  • Cognition building video games (gaming therapy) with Xbox

  • Nutrition education 

2022-2023 Bridge Program Logistics 

  • Bridge Program is scheduled to start Tuesday October 4th, 2022, and end on Thursday May 18th, 2023 (you can start any time/open group)

  • Program will run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm

  • Program is located in The Think Space on the 2nd floor in The Heart Building - 35 Hall Street Phoenixville

  • We do NOT provide transportation from schools to Bridge

  • We do NOT provide transportation home from Bridge

  • Students must have a parent or guardian pick them up after Bridge unless other arrangements have been made with our Bridge Program Director

If you would like to learn more, contact Bridge Program Director

Kristen Morris-Yehiel at: 

or call 610-708-1927.


thank you to our
bridge sponsors


and support

You can support our mission to provide community-based mental health and wellness programs at no cost. These resources and programs contribute to our collective and individual healing, while creating solutions that promote community mental health support. 

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