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better-aid foundation
Community-funded Mental Health & Wellness Services 

In the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising need for mental health care, PHH Founder Kristen Morris-Yehiel and Clinical Director Luke Carsto began research on federal and state medical assistance programs, infrastructure, identified gaps and barriers, and looked at any progress results of the current model for mental health care. Needless to say, the results were not only disturbing but these injustices in the mental health system are happening all around us in our own communities affecting individuals and families. 

In 2021 Kristen and Luke created Better-Aid as a community-funded mental health program that provides free trauma-informed mental health and wellness services to those who need it most in our community. This can range from individuals and families experiencing homelessness, recovering from trauma, dealing with addiction recovery, or experiencing financial hardship. 

Better-Aid is funded by grants that PHH receives (which are not federal, or state funded), the PHH Social Enterprise, Pay It Forward Memberships, and donations by YOU, our amazing community members. PHH Community Meditation and Yoga classes are donation-based, and all donations go directly to Better-Aid. Our Drop-in Mental Health Center is also sponsored by Better-Aid. 

Better-Aid services:

  • Mental diagnostic assessments (Biopsychsocial Assessments)

  • Mental health level of care of assessments

  • One on one talk therapy sessions with qualified practitioners

  • One on one peer counseling with certified peer specialists

  • Integrative trauma counseling

  • Addiction recovery support

  • Nutritional counseling

  • One on one complementary therapies including:

    • Reiki

    • Yoga

    • Meditation

    • Bodywork (Craniosacral therapy)

If you have questions about Better-Aid or want to learn how to sign up for benefits, please email Kristen at

Who we serve

Better-Aid serves men, women, and families from the Phoenixville Borough and immediate surrounding townships.

Check out PHH's advocacy efforts for Integrative mental health Services 

and support

You can support our mission to provide community-based mental health and wellness programs at no cost. These resources and programs contribute to our collective and individual healing, while creating solutions that promote community mental health support. 

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Mental health and wellness shouldn't be a wealth issue!

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