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Project Healing Hive is working at the Federal, State and Local levels in support of the following Policy Priorities

Advocacy Efforts


Priority #1



Pain management IS a mental health issue

Our Position:

  1. Patients must be educated and informed about all available, safe, and effective options to treat acute and chronic pain, especially alternative and integrative therapies

  2. Health care providers must be trained, utilizing a trauma-informed approach, in the unique needs of patients seeking treatment for acute and chronic pain, available non-opioid treatment options, including evidence-based CAM therapies.

  3. Establishment of policies and regulations that support (through payment and reimbursement models) the full range of treatment options for patients in acute or chronic pain. 

Our Work: 

PHH Signs Letter Urging the CMS to Implement NOPAIN Act Sooner

PHH Signs Letter to CMS Supporting Reimbursement Policies in Medicare Part D that Incentive Non-Opioid Alternatives 

PHH Signs Letter to Congressional Leadership Urging Passage of NOPAIN Act in End-Of-Year Package

PHH goes to DC with Voices for Non-Opioid Choices

PHH Founder's Letter to the Philly Inquirer Editor

PHH Letter to Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey in Support of NOPAIN Act

PHH Partners with Voices for Non-Opioid Choices in fight against Opioid Addiction

PHH Urges PA House Committee on Health to Propose Legislation that Promotes Access to Complementary Therapies as Non-Opioid Alternatives for the Treatment of Pain 

NOPain Act 

signed into law on 12/29/22

Priority #2

Community-Based Mental Health Services

All Hands In


Our Position:

  1. Local government and public entities must increase visibility of a wide range of community-based organizations that directly provide behavioral health services to families

  2. Local School Districts, Townships, and Counties must increase access to mental health services/programs through sponsorship/membership programs that provide community based low- or no-cost complementary and alternative behavioral services for their constituents

Our Work:

PHH Letter of Support for PA House Bill 2022 School Based Behavioral Health Assistance

PHH Letter of Support for PA Senate Bill 844 Mental Health Days K12

PHH Letter of Support for PA House Bill 2468 School Mental Health Grant

PHH Creation of the Better-Aid Program

PHH Creation of the Bridge Program

Alternative Therapy

Priority #3

Our Position:

  1. Both public and private health insurers must recognize and reimburse CBT-CAM Integrative Therapies as standard mental health treatments


Our Work:



Action Center

To send a message to your Senator or Congressman in support of the NoPAIN Act, a bipartisan legislation currently making its way through the US Congress, please join us by visiting our affiliate's site:

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Join our nationwide grassroots campaign to engage Congress and federal policymakers in supporting legislation, appropriations, programs, and policies that prevent and respond to trauma and build resilience. Visit our affiliate's site:


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Mental health and wellness shouldn't be a wealth issue!

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